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Terms of Service


These terms and conditions set out your rights, obligations, and restrictions to play the games provided by PearlAbyss Taiwan Corp. By clicking on the "Agree" button, you will complete the member registration process and notice us that you understand and agree to the contents of this Agreement. In addition, since these terms may be modified or changed, please periodically check on these terms and conditions to make sure of your safe use of the service.


(These terms and conditions will be effective from July 12, 2018)


Black Desert Global Lab User Regulation


1. The purpose of this Global Lab Server is to provide a stable game experience on the live servers by implementing future contents on the test server to find possible problems before the contents are updated on the live servers.


2. This Global Lab Server has a separate Operational Policy from the live servers since testing is the main purpose of the Global Lab Server.


3. This Global Lab Server may frequently change, add, delete, reset the game money, items, characters, and other game data that members might be using for testing purposes. The affected game data will not be recovered.


4. This Global Lab Server may shut down the server without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Members will not be compensated for any loses due to the server shutting down.


5. You must sign-up to the official Black Desert Global Lab website to use this Black Desert Global Lab. Members can receive rights to access the global test server by receiving rights on the live server, or fulfilling requirements on the live server then applying for the rights to the test server.


The purpose of this server service is for testing. This service will be provided following the aforementioned clauses 1 through 5. All topics not covered in the aforementioned clauses 1 through 5 will follow Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or Operational Policy.


Article 1 Purpose

These terms and conditions set out the basic rules pertaining to the use of game service between users (hereinafter referred to as "Members") playing the games provided by PearlAbyss Taiwan Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "PearlAbyss" or "Company").


Article 2 Definition of Terms

① Definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

1. "Use Agreement" means a contract between Company and Members About the use of game service provided by Company
2. "PearlAbyss Game Service User" (hereinafter referred to as "Members") means the person who can use the company's game service with the account given issued after signing up and agreeing to the Use Agreement according to the procedure set out by Company
3. "PearlAbyss Game Services" (hereinafter referred to as "Game Services") means the games that the Company provides to Members and all the services incidental thereto.
4. The term "game world" means a variable virtual world in which multiple members play games according to a certain rule or gaming property is implemented for such incidental purposes as leisure, socializing, and information mediation.
5. "PearlAbyss Game Account (ID)" or "PearlAbyss ID (ID)" (hereinafter referred to as "Account") means the combination of characters, numbers, or special characters selected by the user and approved by Company to identify Members and use the game service.
6. "PearlAbyss Game Account Information" (hereinafter referred to as "Account Information") collectively refers to general information provided by the member to the company such as member's account, password, and name etc and created information such as game use information, billing status, etc
7. "Character" means game data that Member selects and manipulates according to the manner provided by the company within the game world for the use of the game service.
8. "PASSWORD" or "password" (hereinafter referred to as "Password") means a combination of letters, numbers, or special characters that the Member selects and secretly manages to make sure that the Member is the matching user of the account.
9. "Post" means all information made up of characters, documents, pictures, sounds, images, or any combination thereof posted on the Game Services in connection with Member's use of the Game Services.
10. "Affiliate Service" means a service that is linked through the company's "game service", in other words, a service operated by a third party that is affiliated with the Company, such as the individual "Game Service" provided by the "Provider" etc.
11. "Workplace" means the place specified as the "place of business place" in the business registration certificate of the business operator who operates the Internet computer game facility business and it is the place where the business operator or user is always present and run the actual business.
② The definition of the terms used in these terms and conditions shall be stipulated based on the relevant laws and regulations, the terms and conditions of each service, or the operating policy, except as provided in paragraph 1 above. Other than that, common practices will govern.


Article 3 Providing Company Information, etc.

① The Company publishes the following items on the initial screen of the game service or in these terms of Service of the Game Service Homepage to make it easy for the members to know. However, the personal information processing policy and terms can be viewed by the member through the connection screen.


[Company information]

Name: PearlAbyss Taiwan Corp.
Representative: 夫珉
Address: 台北市中山區民權東路三段35號11樓
Phone Number, Fax Number: (02)2547-1713, (02)2547-1783
Company Registration Number: 52437742


[Terms of use]

Personal Information Processing Policy
Terms and Conditions of Service (these terms and conditions)
Operational Policy


Article 4 Specification and Amendment of Terms

① The company publishes the contents of this agreement through the initial screen of the game service or the connection screen so that the user can easily understand the contents of this agreement

② The Company shall take measures to enable the Member to inquire and respond about the contents of this Agreement with the Company.

③ The Company shall make the contents of this agreement easy to understand for a person who wants to use the game service and, prior to obtaining member's consent, among the contents set out in these terms and conditions, the company shall provide important matters such as cancellation of membership, reimbursement of overpayment, termination or cancellation of contract, termination of company, indemnification of company, and compensation for member with bold or similar effect or a separate connection screen or a pop-up screen, etc. so that members can easily understand and agree to these terms and conditions.

④ The Company may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations. If the company intends to amend these terms and conditions, it announces the date of application, the details of amendment, and the reason for the amendment etc from at least fifteen (15) days prior to the effective date of application until a considerable period of time has elapsed through initial screen or a connection screen of initial screen. For existing members, notify by email of terms and conditions to be changed, date of application and reason for change.

⑤ If Company amends the terms and conditions, it shall check if the member agrees to apply the revised terms and conditions after notifying the revised terms and conditions. In case the company's announcement includes a clause saying that if the member does not give consent or rejection within fifteen (15) days, the member will be deemed to have accepted the change, Company may be able to deem Member to have agreed to the Amended terms and conditions if Member does not express any sign of rejection by the effective date.

⑥ If a member disagrees with the application of the revised terms and conditions, the company or member may terminate the Game Services Use Agreement.


Article 5 Ruling Rules

① The Company may have separate Terms and conditions and Operating Policies ("Operational Policies, etc.") for Game Services, and if the contents differ from these terms and conditions, the Operational Policy etc. shall prevail.

② Any matters not expressly stated in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.


Article 6 Operational Policy

① In order to set the requirements necessary to apply these terms and conditions and to protect the rights and interests of members and to maintain order in the game world, the Company may establish Game service operating policy ("Operational Policy") on the matters that are delegated to exercise by these terms and conditions and to the specific scope defined within these terms and conditions

② The company shall notify the member of the details of the operating policy member by posting on the game service homepage or providing a connection screen so that the member is well informed.

③ In the case of an operational policy amendment that has the same effect as bringing a material change to a member's rights or obligations or as making changes to these terms and conditions, the procedure of Article 4 shall apply. However, if the revision of the operating policy falls under any of the following subparagraphs, it shall be notified in advance by the manner of Paragraph 2.

1.Amendments made to the matters that are delegated to exercise by these terms and conditions and to the specific scope defined within these terms and conditions
2. Amendments made to matters not related to the rights and obligations of members
3. In case the contents of the operating policy are not fundamentally different from those set forth in these terms and conditions and the amendments to the operating policy are within the member's predictable range


Article 7 How to Apply for Use

① Members must sign-up to the Black Desert Global Lab official website to access the server. Members can receive rights to access the global test server by receiving testing rights on the live server, or fulfilling requirements on the live server then applying for testing rights.

② Members must apply for access through the method mentioned on the official website and agree to this Terms of Service to access the Global Lab server.

③ Members must accurately provide all the information the company asks for.

④ The user must state his or her real name and actual information at the time of application for use described in Paragraph 2 above. In the event that the name or identification information is false or stolen from another person, the member cannot assert the rights of the member under these terms and the company can cancel or terminate the Use Contract without refund.

⑤ Members under the age of 20 are deemed to have the legal representative’s consent. Members are solely responsible for getting their legal representative’s consent by the completion of the application.

⑥ The individual game services provided by the provider and the affiliate service are only available after agreeing to the provider's Terms of Use and Operational Policy about accepting to provide personal information to the third party.


Article 8 Approval and Restriction on Application for Use

① The Company shall approve the use application unless there is a reasonable reason when the user makes an application for the use by clearly indicating the real name and the actual information when it comes to the information that the company requests to the user.

② For the use application that falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the company may not accept it and can cancel the acceptance even after granted.

When applying for use in violation of Article 7
When applying for use for the purpose of misconduct prohibited by 「Personal Information Protection Act」 and other related laws
③ In the event that falls under any of following subparagraphs, the Company may withhold consent until the cause is dissolved.

1. If there is no room in the company's facilities or there exist technical difficulties
2. In the case of a failure in the service or a failure of the payment method
3. Other than that, when it is difficult to approve the application for use due to the similar reasons to the above


Article 9 Consent of Legal Representative on the Use Right of Minors

① Members that are considered to be minors are deemed to have consent from their legal representatives and it is the member’s sole responsibility to get the consent from their legal representatives.


Article 10 Member Account (ID) and Password

① The Company grants an account to members as a certain combination of letters, numbers or special characters selected by the Member for the convenience of the Member's information protection and service use guide.

② The company performs various member management tasks such as checking if member can use the service through the account information.

③ Members must manage their account information with due diligence. Members are liable for damages that occur when a member neglects to manage his / her account information or consents it to be used by a third party.

④ The password is the user's choice, and the member is responsible for managing the password. If you wish, you can change it at any time for security reasons, however if requested by the company, you must authenticate yourself or submit the identification document required by the company

⑤ Members are encouraged to and reminded to change their password on a regular basis.

⑥ The Company may require users to change their password in order to secure the user's information such as account information etc for urgent reasons of security. In this case, the user must change the password of the account held by the member at the first access after the date requested by the company.

⑦ Members must notify the Company of any changes made to the membership at the time of membership application by making changes on online or sending e-mail or other means. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage caused from not informing the Company.

⑧ Members may not request changes to approved accounts during the Game Services period. However, if the Company asks the member to change the account for the following reasons, the member must respond accordingly.

1. If it is inevitable for the company to do so in order to provide services efficiently to users
2. If it is necessary to integrate with other services in accordance with company's service operations or policies
3. Other than that, if there is a significant need to change the account in accordance with relevant laws or corporate policies
⑨ Members can view and modify their personal information at any time through the personal information management screen. However, it is not possible to modify the real name, birthday, Email ID, etc. required for service management.

⑩ If a member is required to provide information to the Company pursuant to these terms and conditions, the Member shall provide truthful information and shall not be protected from any disadvantage caused by the provision of false information.


Article 11 Protection and management of personal information

① The Company strives to protect the personal information of users including account information in accordance with the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 and related laws. The protection and use of user's personal information will be governed by the relevant laws and regulations and the personal information processing policy notified separately by the company.

② In order to provide the service promised to the member, the company can entrust the handling of the user's personal information to the subcontracting company to provide the service on behalf. If the outsourcing company needs to obtain personal information of the user in the process of providing the service, notification must be given to the member oneself and the company shall manage and supervise the subcontracted outsourcing companies so as not to violate the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws.

③ After the "Company" has provided personal information to the "Provider" in accordance with the Member's consent to give information to linked sites other than the Company's official site (the "Provider" site, services provided by a third party, etc.), the "Provider" has a duty to protect personal information. In addition, the personal information processing policy of "Company" does not apply to the site operated and managed by "Provider".

④ The Company shall not be held responsible for any information including the account information of the user exposed by reason of the user's fault.


Article 12 Provision of Game Information

① The company displays the following items on the initial screen of the individual game site or on the game service homepage for users to easily know.

1. Company Name
2. Name of Game
3. Ratings
4. Ratings Classification Number
5. Production date
6. Report number or registration number of the game manufacturer or distributor
7. Other matters deemed necessary by the Company


Article 13 Obligations of the Company

① The Company shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations and shall faithfully perform the exercise of the rights and obligations set forth in these terms and conditions.

② The Company shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that members can use the service safely and the company disclose and observe the personal information processing policy. The Company shall not disclose or provide any personal information of a Member to any third party except for the cases as stipulated in these terms and conditions and personal information processing policy.

③ The Company handles customer for members who use game services, and details are subject to operating policy.

④ The Company endeavors to provide convenience to users in terms of the procedures and content of contracts with users, such as the conclusion of contracts for use, changes to contracts and termination of contracts etc.


Article 14 Member's Obligations

① Members shall not engage in any activity that intends and targets to do any of the following subparagraphs:

1. Falsely state when applying or changing
2. Steal someone's information
3. Impersonate employees, operators, or other related persons of the Company
4. Change information posted by the company
5. Send or post information prohibited by the Company (computer programs, etc.)
6. Make, distribute, use and advertise computer programs, devices or gadgets not provided or approved by the Company
7. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the company and other third parties
8. Impair the reputation and disrupt business of the Company or any other third party
9. Disclose or post information that is contrary to public order and good morals such as obscene or violent speech, writing, video, sound, and so on.
10. Acquire game data (accounts, characters, game items, etc.) in a non-normal way and dispose of them in exchange of monetary value (transfer, sale, etc.) or by providing the object of right as collateral or for rental
11.Induce or advertise the act of 10
12. Use game services for the purpose of profit making, sales, advertising, political activities, etc. without the Company's consent.
13. Other acts that are prohibited by relevant laws and regulations or not acceptable in terms of the good-natured and general social norms
14. Using the service by exploiting the error or bug of the service
15. Obtaining items from other users by way of deceit or gambling
16. Take unfair advantages by exploiting all processes related to user sign-up, game use, payment refund, etc. provided by the company
17. Disrupt the operation of Company services by intentional or gross negligence
18. Copy, distribute, or commercially use the information obtained through the Company's services for purposes other than the use of the Services without prior consent of the Company
② Members are responsible for checking and observing these terms and conditions, the notice on the Operational Policy and the Game Services homepage, and other Company's notice etc.

③ The Company may establish in the Operational Policies etc a specific types of conduct that falls under subparagraphs 1, 2 or any of the following items, and the Member shall comply with them.

1. Limitations on member's nick-name, account name, character name, family name, and guild name
2. Restrictions on content and methods of conversations etc.
3. Restrictions on use of the message board
4. Limitations on how to play the game
5. Matters that the Company considers necessary for the operation of the game service within the scope of not infringing the essential right to use the game service of other users
④ Managing account information is the responsibility of the member, Members may not use third-party accounts or make their accounts available to third parties.

⑤ Member shall check all the policies and regulations on a regular basis such as matters stipulated in these terms and conditions of Service, announcements on game service homepage or individual game site, and Operational policy set by the company etc.


Article 15 Provision and suspension of game service, etc.

① The Company provides the following services to users.

1. Game service
2. Security Service
3. Customer Protection Services
4. Other related supplementary services
5. Any other services that the Company provides to the members through additional development or partnership agreements with other companies.
② Game service may not be provided for a certain period of time in case that falls under any of the followings, and the company is not obliged to provide game service during that time.

1. In case of maintenance, replacement of communication equipment such as a computer and periodic maintenance and when it is necessary for game service operation
2. If it is necessary to respond to unexpected service instability such as electronic intrusion like hacking, communication accident, disruption of service facilities, or abnormal game use behavior of members
3. When the provision of services is prohibited in a manner of restrictions on certain time or number of times etc in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, government, and company policies.
4. If it is impossible to provide normal game service due to force majeure such as natural disasters, emergency situations, power outages
5. In case of significant management necessity of the company due to company's division, merger, transfer of business, abolishment of business, deterioration of profit of the game service for the year, etc
6. In case game contents need to be changed for game service testing purposes.
③ The Company may temporarily suspend the service without prior notice for the reasons stated in clause 2. In such cases, the Company may post such notice on the initial screen of the game or on the Game Services homepage later.

④ The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the user in terms of the use of the free services provided by the Company.

⑤ The Company may request the member to install the computer program provided by the Company for the purpose of providing the service. Before the member installs the program, the company must notify the user in an appropriate manner of such important information as capacity, function, removal method and impact on other programs depending on the nature of the program and obtain consent to the installation of the program. However, if a member sets the browser option to install the ActiveX program automatically, the company considers that the user has agreed to install the ActiveX program and can install the program without further confirmation.

⑥ The company may omit the process of posting important notice and obtaining consent when the patch or update is required to the extent that the Company does not make any significant changes to the notice in clause 5.


Article 16 Change of Game Service and Modification of Contents

① Members may use the game services provided by the Company in accordance with these terms and conditions, the Operational Policies and the game rules set by the Company.

② The game world that a company provides to its members through game services is a virtual world created by the company, and the company has comprehensive rights to create, change, maintain, and repair the game contents. The contents of the game service and affiliate service provided by the company may be changed (patched) from time to time according to the operational and technical needs. In this case, the company notifies the user through the homepage.

③ For more information about the affiliate service provided by the company such as the details of the service, the obligations of the third party company, and the rights / obligations of the user are set out in the separate terms and operating policies etc (hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Affiliate Service") provided by the third party for each affiliate service. When using the Affiliate Service, you may be required to agree to the separate Affiliate Terms and conditions provided by the third party.

④ The company can reorganize and separate various games and related sites provided on the homepage and in the game service as part of the game service. In this case, the company will actively notify the users, and the users will receive services from the reorganized or separated sites.

⑤ If it is deemed necessary for the operation, the Company may add, delete or change the planning of the game service or the information related to the game.


Article 17 Management of Posts

① The rights and responsibilities of the user's post belong to the individual user and the user's responsibility for the civil and criminal liability arising from the post's infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of third parties is entirely borne by the user.

② The company values the user's posts and protects them with the best of care not to be altered, damaged or deleted. However, the Company may delete, move or refuse to register the posts that falls under any of the following subparagraphs without prior notice and it may take certain measures on the users who posted the posts according to these terms and conditions and Operational Policy.

1. If the post contains materially offensive or defamatory content to other users or third parties
2. If the post is about pornographic material or is linked to a sexually explicit site
3. Content that infringes any rights, including other intellectual property rights such as copyrights etc of the Company, other users or third parties.
4. If the content is not in accordance with the posting principles prescribed by the company or the nature of the bulletin board
5. In case the content is related to the sale of user account, game cyber items, game virtual assets, etc. It is prohibited by the Company's policy.
6. If the post is about promoting piracy or hacking
7. If it is objectively recognized as being connected with a crime
8. If the post is for advertising purposes for profit
9. If it interferes with the normal operation of the company or service
10. If the post distributes or is linked to the contents that violate public order and morals
11. If it is judged to be in violation of other relevant laws and regulations
③ Anyone whose legal interests are violated because of the post may request the suspension or deletion of the post according to the related laws and procedures established by the relevant laws and Customer Service, and the company shall take necessary measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


Article 18 Collection of Information, etc.

① The Company may save and store all communications (hereinafter referred to as "conversations, etc."), including conversations and in-game letters between members within the Game Service. The company may read this information to the limitation of such cases as when it is deemed necessary for the dispute settlement among the members, processing of complaints, or maintenance of the game order (Account theft, cash transactions, Violent language, Fraud within the game, such as fraudulent conduct, Bug abuse, Other violations of current laws and regulations, and when it is necessary to view the member's chat information in relation to investigation, processing, confirmation and remedies of serious Violation of the Terms prescribed in Article 14 and Article 22 clause 4 of these terms and conditions) This information is owned solely by the company and a third party who is not authorized by the law cannot read it.

② The company can collect and utilize the information of terminal setting and specification of member's PC etc to improve game service quality such as stabilization of game service operation and program etc. However, it must be collected after obtaining the consent from the member.


Article 19 Ownership of Copyright, etc.

① Copyright of content within the game service created by the company and other intellectual property rights are owned by the company. The Company grants to the members only the right to use games, characters, game items, game money, cyber points, etc. in relation to game service in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Company. Members may not dispose of them through such activities as transferring, selling, or providing collateral.

② Members shall not use for commercial purpose or let the third party use the information obtained by using the game service provided by the company, of which the information registered as intellectual property owned by the company or the provider company without the owner companies’ prior consent through the means of copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting or otherwise.

③ The member shall allow the company to use it in the following manner and conditions, it being the in-game or game-related communications including the conversation text, images, sounds, and all materials and information (hereinafter referred to as "User Content") the Member or other user uploads or transmits through a game client or game service.

Using the member's contents, to change the editing format and other transformations (in any form such as publication, reproduction, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, creation of secondary works, etc., with no restrictions on the time length and scope)
The company does not sell, rent, or transfer user content for the purpose of trading without the user's prior consent
④ Matters related to the member's contents that is not integrated with the game service and not displayed in the game (For example, a post on a general bulletin board or the like) can be exposed to the search results, services and related promotions etc. For that exposure, part of them can be modified, cloned, and edited within the required range. In such cases, the Company shall comply with the contents of the Copyright Act, and the Member may at any time request the posts to be deleted, excluded from the search result, concealed, or the like through the Customer Service Email or the in-service managing function.

⑤ If the Company wishes to use the member's postings in any way other than clauses 3 and 4, the Company shall obtain prior consent of the Member through telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.

⑥ If the Company considers that the postings and the posting content within the game service posted or registered by a member fall under the category of the prohibited activities prescribed in Article 14, the Company may remove it or refuse to move or register it without prior notice.

⑦ Members whose legal interests are violated due to the information posted on the bulletin boards operated by the Company may request the Company to delete the information or to post the contents of refutation. In this case, the Company will promptly take the necessary action and notify the applicant.

⑧ Clause 3 and 4 shall remain in effect while the Company is operating the Game Services and will continue to apply even after the Member's deactivation.


Article 20 Advertising and Transactions with Advertisers

① The Company may provide users with various information that is deemed necessary during the use of the game service by means of notices, e-mail or telephone. However, the user can refuse to receive at any time via e-mail or telephone.

② Company may place advertisements on game service homepage, e-mail, telephone, etc. regarding the operation of game service. However, in case of sending by telephone or e-mail, the member's prior consent is obtained and the receiving member can refuse to receive at any time by e-mail or telephone.

③ The services provided by the company include various forms of advertisements such as banners and links, which can be linked to pages provided by third parties.

④ If the page is linked to a page provided by a third party according to the preceding clause, the page is not a service area of the company, so the company does not guarantee reliability, stability, etc. The Company shall not be held liable for any damages caused by this to the member.


Article 21 Service for Testing purpose

① Before the company officially commercializes a new service, the company can conduct beta testing for a certain period of time for its members. In each case, test subject, period and related contents will be announced separately through notice of the game service.

② Beta service may contain changes, addition or deletion of game data in order to provide stable service. The game money, characters, all data related to the test purpose service acquired by the user during the test period may not be recoverable. In addition, if unexpected problems occur during the Beta service, the Company may suspend the Beta service without prior notice. However, in case of damages caused to the member by intentional or serious negligence of the Company, the company will make compensation limited to direct damages.


Article 22 Restrictions and Suspension of Game Services

① The Company may limit the members' use of the game service according to the following categories: The member's specific obligation to avoid being restricted shall be determined by the Operational Policy pursuant to Article 24.

1. Limit some rights to characters: Limit certain rights such as character chatting for a certain period of time
2. Restrictions on using characters: Restrict the use of the member's characters for a certain period or forever
3. Limitations on account use: Limit the use of a member account for a certain period of time or permanently
4. Restrictions on Membership Use: Limit the use of members' game services for a certain period of time or permanently
② If the use restriction of the company is justified, the company will not separately compensate the loss of the paid contents and the loss of the points, etc. which the member has suffered due to the limitation of use.

③ Because it is required by 「Personal Information Protection Act」 and Enforcement Decree of the same Act or in order to improve service and protect user information, the company can take any necessary action, such as categorizing accounts that do not use games for a certain period of time or more determined by operational policy etc. as dormant IDs, restricting their use, or deleting account information. In the event of any action taken pursuant to this clause, the Company shall notify the Member 30 days in advance of the action.

④ In case the member violates the obligations of the member set forth in Article 14 of these terms and conditions of Service, the Company may suspend the use of the game service or terminate the use contract by setting a certain period with a prior notice. However, if the member violates the obligations of the member described in Article 14 Clause 1, Clause 3, and Clause 5 in these terms and conditions of Service, or if the member damages the company with intentional or material negligence, the company may terminate the use of the game service or terminate the use contract by setting a certain period without a prior notice.

⑤ In the case of suspension or termination of the contract pursuant to clause 4, the Company shall notify the member in writing, e-mail or similar manner of the cancellation reason and the cancellation date or make it available to the member through the game service homepage. Also, in this case, the member can make an appeal by following the procedure of the homepage customer Service.


Article 23 Limitation on Use as Provisional Measures

① The Company may suspend the account until the investigation of any of the following issues will be completed:

1. If the member is reasonably suspected to be an offender, such as an illegal program user or for-profit user
2. If provisional measures are deemed necessary to be taken on the account for reasons similar to those listed above


Article 24 Reasons and Procedure for Restriction of Use

① The Company shall set the specific reasons and procedures for restriction on the use in the operational policy after considering all the circumstances such as the contents, degree of severity, frequency, and results, etc. of the violate behavior

② If the Company restricts the use as set out in Article 22, the Member shall be notified of the following items by e-mail or on the initial screen of the game or on the game service homepage.

1. Reason for Use Limitation
2. Type and duration of the use restriction
3. How to appeal against the restriction


Article 25 Appeal Procedure against the Restriction on Use

① If a member disagrees with the Company's use restrictions, the member must file an Appeal Complaint, stating the reason for disagreeing with the Company's use restriction within 15 days from the date of receiving the notice by written form, e-mail, or similar method to the Company.

② The company that received the complaint under clause 1 must reply to the member's objection within 15 days from the date of receipt by written, e-mail, or similar method. However, if the company has difficulty in responding within 15 days, the company will notify the member of the reason and the processing schedule.

③ The company should take the corresponding action according to the answer above.


Article 26 Termination and Deactivation of Membership

① The Member may terminate the Game Service Use Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Deactivation"). If a member submits a deactivation request, the company goes through identification process, in which case the member is confirmed as oneself, the company proceeds with the deactivation according to the relative rules and regulations.

② If the contract between the company and the member is terminated, the contract for the use of the game service provided by the company is also terminated, and the member shall be responsible for any disadvantages arising from deactivation such as halt of the game service use and the non-useable, non-refundable, non-recoverable etc of all kinds of goods and game data remaining in the account.

③ When a member terminates the use contract, the member's personal information is deleted within a reasonable time of termination, except when the company holds the member's information in accordance with the related laws, personal information processing policies and related decrees.

④ Once your deactivation is completed, you may not be able to sign up again for 90 days after your deactivation.


Article 27 Compensation for Damages

① There will be no compensation for damages as the Global lab server is not a commercial service. PearlAbyss is not liable for any damages or losses caused and will not compensate them.

② Members that cause the company damage by violating the Terms of Service or Operational Policy will be held responsible for the damages.

③ The company is not liable to members restricted from the service follow Article 21 clause 1 and clause 2. Therefore, the company will not compensate for any damages caused.


Article 28 Limitation of Company’s Liability

① There will be no compensation for damages as the Global lab server is not a commercial service. PearlAbyss is not liable for any damages or losses caused and will not compensate them.

② The Company is exempt from liability in the event that it cannot provide services due to force majeure such as wartime, a quasi-state of war, natural disasters, national emergencies, technical defects that are uncontrollable to solve, and the restriction by government policies etc.

③ The company is exempted from liability in case where a telecommunications carrier suspends or does not normally provide the telecommunication services as a result of which caused damage to the members.

④ The company is exempted from liability in case where the game service is stopped or disabled due to inevitable reasons that are notified in advance such as maintenance, replacement, periodic inspection, construction, etc. of facilities for game service.

⑤ The Company shall not be liable for any disruption, suspension, or termination etc of the game service due to the cause on the user's part.

⑥ The Company shall be exempted from liability for any problems arising from the computer environment of the member or any problems caused by the network environment that involves no intentional or material negligence of the Company.

⑦ The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the user's misrepresentation and neglected management of personal information such as identification information etc.

⑧ The Company shall not be liable for any loss of characters, experience or items or unsatisfying result below the user's expectation on thereof as the member uses the game service, and shall not be liable for loss or damage etc caused by the personal selection or use of the game services.

⑨ The Company shall be exempt from liability for the loss of member's game data including but not limited to game cyber assets (game money) and character level.

⑩ The Company shall be exempted from any liability related to reliability and accuracy of the information, data, facts posted/transmitted on websites or within the game services by a member or a third party.

⑪ The Company has no obligation to intervene in the event of a dispute arising through game services or a dispute arising from violation of related laws on infringement of third parties' right (e.g. copyright etc.) between members and third parties, and the Company is not responsible for any damages arising from this.

⑫ The Company may restrict the time of game service etc according to the nature of each game service or depending on the member's status according to related laws, government policies, etc., and the Company is exempted from liability for any matters related to the use of game services caused by these restrictions and limitations.

⑬ The Company shall be exempted from liability for any damages arising out of the computer error of the member or in case of damages caused by omission or misrepresentation of the personal information and e-mail address.

⑭ In the event of termination of the service contract between the member and the company due to termination of the contract by a member or the company, except for the case when the company holds member's information in accordance with the relevant laws and personal information processing policy, the company will be able to delete member's account information and all associated data upon termination for better service environment, etc. and the company is not responsible for matters arising from deleting member's account information and related data since the end of the contract.


Article 29 Notice to Members

① If the company make notifications to a member, it may do so by e-mail designated by the member, unless otherwise stipulated in these terms and conditions.

② If the Company make notifications to all members, the Company may substitute the method described in clause 1 above by posting on the company's game service homepage or the initial screen of each individual game site for more than 7 days, or by displaying a pop-up screen.


Article 30 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

① If a dispute arises between the member and the company, the first trial will be held in a court that has jurisdiction in Taipei, Taiwan as long as it does not violate jurisdictional laws.

② In case of a dispute arising between the Company and the User, the court in accordance with the applicable law shall be the competent court.



Addendum (2018.07.12)

These terms and conditions will be effective as of July 12, 2018.

Pearl Abyss Corp., Pearl Abyss Taiwan Corp., Pearl Abyss H.K. Limited., Pearl Abyss America, Inc., and Pearl Abyss JP Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Pearl Abyss) ‘collects, uses and provides personal information based on the member's consent', and 'actively assures the right of members' (the right of self-determination on personal information).


"Privacy Policy" is for users of the Black Desert Global Lab to protect their personal information. Pearl Abyss will collect, use, and process the users’ personal information according to this Privacy Policy. All topics not covered in the privacy policy and disputes will follow relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China. Additionally, if a dispute arises between the member and the company, the first trial will be held in a court that has jurisdiction in Taipei, Taiwan as long as it does not violate jurisdictional laws.


This Personal Information Processing Policy applies to game services that are provided by Pearl Abyss Global Lab, and the term "Services provided by Pearl Abyss Global Lab" refers to the above scope.



1. Pearl Abyss collects the following personal information from users.


Pearl Abyss collects users’ personal information under the following principles.


1) Pearl Abyss collects the minimum amount of personal information required to provide services.

Pearl Abyss collects personal information as follows. However, this information is based on the time when the user confirmed, and in case of collecting additional personal information of the user, the company will notify of the situation and obtain consent from the user in advance.

The Company collects and uses the following personal information when the user uses the game in the Black Desert Global Lab Service(


1. Items collected at the time of sign-up

- Items required: Login ID (E-MAIL address), name, date of birth


2. Items collected during service use

- the company can selectively collect email address, cell phone number through event entry, fax, phone call, email, a written letter, delivery from partner company, and customer center.


3. Automatically collected items during service use

- Service use records such as IP address, cookies, date of visit, inappropriate use history, and device information may be generated and collected during the service use process.

2) Pearl Abyss does not collect sensitive information.

Pearl Abyss does not collect any sensitive information (race, ideology, principles, political inclination or criminal records, medical information, etc.) that may infringe on the user's human rights in any case, however in case the company collects it inevitably in accordance with the obligations set forth by laws and regulations, the company must obtain prior consent from the users.


3) If the user receives Pearl Abyss service through other platform systems, from which Pearl Abyss can request and obtain personal information you have entered at the time of sign-up after successful login. Using the information, we will provide the service later.



2. For what purpose does Pearl Abyss use personal information?


Pearl Abyss will only use your valuable personal information for the following purposes and will ask for your consent beforehand in case changes are made to the purposes. 


1) It is used to identify the user, confirm the intention to join, or prevent unauthorized and/or inappropriate use. 

2) It is used to provide various services of Pearl Abyss to users and process user inquiries and complaints during the use of the service and to communicate announcements. 

3) It is used to analyze how frequently the user accesses the game and to create statistics of services that are used. This is to provide customized service and to further improve our services. 



3. How long will Pearl Abyss use personal information?


Pearl Abyss only uses the user's personal information in a limited manner from the time you signed up and started to use the service to the time you are provided with the service. If the user requests a withdrawal of the consent to the collection and use of the personal information or requests a deactivation of membership, or if the purpose of collection and use is achieved or the period of use and retention is ended, the personal information of the user will be destroyed without delay. 

※ Attention: After requesting deletion of the membership data, the company assume that the service contract has been suspended. As a result, you will not be able to log in to your account and use related services after the deletion request.


Storing personal information following relevant laws and regulations 

Pearl Abyss is required to store personal information according to relevant laws and regulations. Only relevant personal information will be stored until the purpose of the information expires. 



4. The company may provide personal information to third parties to provide the users with more variety of services as follows

"Providing a third party with personal information" is not an essential part to provide the service, but it is to provide a third party with personal information collected for the purpose of providing various services to users and improving service quality, etc.


Pearl Abyss may provide the user's personal information to third parties for the purposes necessary to use the Services. In this case, the company is obliged to obtain consent from the user in accordance with laws and regulations, and the information will be used only for the limited manner; the purpose of using the personal information, the items of personal information to be provided, and the period of use will be separately disclosed


However, the following situations does not require consent from the users:

1) The information is essential to provide various services promised to users but for which Pearl Abyss find it very difficult to obtain consent due to economic reasons or technical reasons.

2) When the information is necessary for the settlement of fees for service provision

3) When national authorities such as a court etc make enforcements to provide personal information of the users in accordance with laws and regulations.

4) When required by a service provider, consultant, marketing partner, research and related facilities and business partners to manage and provide service to the user,

The following vendor will be provided information 

Vendor Usage
Epic Games S.a.r.l. Analyze service data to detect and prevent hacks and malicious behavior 



5. How does Pearl Abyss dispose of personal information collected from the users?


Pearl Abyss promises to dispose the information of the user without delay after "the purpose of collection and use of personal information" is achieved. 


When the retention period ends, the company will use a technological method to completely erase the information in a way that it cannot be reproduced, and the information printed on paper will be destroyed by shredding or incineration. 



6. Pearl Abyss protect the rights of the users.


Pearl Abyss protects the users' rights as follows: 


1) The user can view and modify his or her personal information registered at any time. In order to view / modify personal information, the user may directly do so through 'Change Member Information' or ‘Email' after going through the identity verification process.

2) At any time, you may withdraw your consent to provide personal information and ask for termination of membership.

3) Pearl Abyss allows members under the age of 20 to have legal representatives. However, the company will assume that a member under the age of 20 has received consent from their legal representatives by the end of the sign-up process.

4) In order to use and provide accurate personal information, user's personal information will not be used or provided until the changes are made completely. In addition, if the information has already been provided to a third party, we will make the third party informed of the changes and reflect them without any delay.



7. Cookie is installed and running and the user can decline it.


1) What is Cookie?

Cookie is a very small text file sent to the user's browser by the server used to run the website and Cookie is stored in your computer.


2) Why does Pearl Abyss use Cookie?

Pearl Abyss uses Cookie to store the settings that user prefers etc, which helps provide even faster web environment and it is used to improve services for the users' convenience. This makes it easier for the users to take advantage of the game service.


Pearl Abyss also analyzes the frequency of visits to various services, the duration of visits, the degree of participation in various events, the number of visits, and so on to understand the tastes and interests of users. Based on this, the company provides services customized to each individual including advertising.


3) If the user wants to decline collection of Cookie?

The user has the option of installing Cookie. As a result, the user can allow all Cookies by setting options in your web browser, or make a check every time Cookie is saved, or refuse to save all Cookies. However, if the user refuses to install Cookies, there may be difficulty in using some services that require cookies which may give less than optimal user experience.


Examples for setting option 

① For Internet Explorer: 

Tools menu at the top of the web browser → Internet Options → Privacy → Set  

② For Chrome: 

Settings menu on the right side of the web browser → advanced settings at the bottom of the screen → Content settings button for privacy → Cookies 



8. We make the following efforts to protect the user's valuable personal information.


Pearl Abyss considers the user's personal information to be sensitive and makes the following efforts in handling your personal information:


1) We encrypt your personal information.

Pearl Abyss transmits personal information of the user using the encrypted communication section and encrypts important information such as passwords etc.


2) We make efforts to protectpersonal information against hacking and computer viruses.

Pearl Abyss installs its system in a controlled area where external access is restricted to prevent your personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses etc.We have installed a system, that monitors 24 hours a day, to detect and block intruders such as hackers etc. We make continuous efforts to prevent the system from getting infected with the latest malicious code or virus by keeping our anti-virus softwares up to date.We are also constantly researching and applying new hacking / security technologies to our services.


3) We minimize the people who have access to your valuable personal information.

Pearl Abyss minimizes the number of employees handling personal information and reduces the risk of personal information leakage by blocking the use of external Internet services on business PCs. In addition, for the database system that stores personal information and the system that processes personal information, we have established systematic standards for creation and changes of passwords, the right to access, and conducting continuous audits.


4) Employees are regularly educated about the protection of personal information of users. Regular education and campaigns on obligations and security of personal information are conducted for all employees who handle personal information.



9. We process civil complaints related to personal information.


Pearl Abyss answers inquiries and complaints about civil complaints about personal information. Please contact us at any time and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible with a sufficient answer.


- Send inquiries about personal information to:



10. Other additional policies


If there are any additions, deletions or modifications to the above information, Pearl Abyss will explain to the users through homepage announcement. The content changes before and after the amendment will be clearly stated in comparison for the user’s convenience. If you do not declare your non-consent before this Privacy Policy takes effect, the company will assume your implicit consent to the changes.


- Privacy policy enforcement date: August 13, 2020

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You may choose not to agree to receive promotional information, even if you agree, you may withdraw your agreement at any time.


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